Welcome to With love, Trista. I am so grateful that you're here.

About 5 years ago, I decided that I would have a theme for the year instead of making resolutions. This has helped me keep everything in perspective and also serves as a simple reminder of the goals that I want to achieve. The theme for 2020 was GLOW.


This theme was me granting myself permission to shine my own light. I have a passion for motivating others and pushing people beyond the boundaries that they set for themselves, but I struggled to do that for myself. I would shrink down often...imposter syndrome is real, y'all. This year would be different. I planned to use every opportunity to GLOW. As a result, I developed a "Spirit of Yes." I said yes to things that I normally would dismiss. Not because I didn't want to say yes, but because I may get rejected or I may get anxious or I may make someone else uncomfortable...because of fear. 2020 would be different though. I had ideas and dreams that I would start to develop and introduce to the world.

Well, then the world stopped.

I was pretty determined to keep at it but became "ok" with the fact that this just may not be my year. Let me tell you though, when you start saying yes and breaking down barriers, it is hard to stop. I found myself entering giveaways, signing up for virtual workshops, completing a certificate program and throwing myself into situations where I could showcase my creativity. I found myself, with the help of many wonderful people in my life, saying yes to myself.

That being said, I am excited to welcome you to With love, Trista. This online home will be a place that I hope will inspire you to live a life with intention and love. I want to provide space for us to grow. To stretch. To be motivated and inspired. To heal. To just be.


I am now happy to introduce you to Ora Tea by With love, Trista! I've been an avid tea drinker from a young age enjoying the ritual and ceremony of tea. My wish is that Ora becomes a part of your act of self-love, gifting, daily routine, and mindfulness practice. Visit the Shop to find Your Ora.

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You're here. I'm pleased. I really dig your company.
                                   Jill Scott